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mats and pads

Consideration of the long-term care of your new floor should ideally begin before it has even been installed.


If the area in question can be entered from a door to the exterior it is worth considering the fitting of a barrier matt; for example, a removable natural coir mat set into a matwell at your front door.  By allowing for this early on, not only does it permit you to plan a balanced matwell size and shape in as a design feature, but can often reduce the gross meterage of wood flooring that you require, thus reducing costs.

A barrier mat is a worthwhile investment as this will help minimise the risk of the floor accumulating scratches from walked-in dirt. This dirt, if neither removed at the barrier mat or by sweeping up once inside, can over time act as a fine abrasive on the surface, and can be particularly harmful to the finish of lacquered floors. When these surface lacquers become sufficiently damaged, they can sometimes permit the ingress of dirt and moisture into the actual wood fibre, the effects of which, at their very worst, are virtually impossible to rectify without completely sanding off and refinishing the floor.

 felt pads_small

Secondly, for the same reason, make sure you fix protective felt pads to the feet of all furniture, particularly chairs and tables that might be pushed or dragged frequently across the floor. At The Wood Gallery, as well as being able to supply them, we make sure that we provide these as a matter of course at the point of installation.